Finding the Surprise Value You Did Not Know Your Junk Car Had

Even a rickety, rusty, heap of metal once called a car can divine some surprising value. You may think it is just a load of junk, but one man’s junk is another’s treasure. All that is required is a little research. You may be surprised to find you have something valuable enough that people will pay for it despite its condition. To accomplish this, you have to garner a little understanding of how the process works.


Oftentimes increased value of a junk car comes from what is inside it. Essentially, a buyer is not buying the vehicle but a specific part. Auto parts can carry a lot of profit, especially if they are rare. Older cars may have parts that are discontinued, meaning that car aficionados have to look for such parts in scrapyards. If your car contains such a part, then the aficionado may pay a hefty price for it depending on its rarity. The best way to discover this information is through inventory. When you prepare to junk a car make sure you take full inventory of everything that is inside it. Write it all down and then check the value of each part. Valuable parts can net profit from junkyards or through online sale.

Know What to Look for

Kelley Blue Book is a great reference to use in determining the value of your car. This can also determine if the parts within it may be valuable. If your A1 Junk Car For Cash Sydney still runs you can take the Blue Book value, subtract cost of repair, and generate an idea of how much you can sell it for. If the car is a older model, or a popular model amongst care enthusiasts, they will buy it as is and fix it up. Often times the most important thing they need is an intact frame and a partially operable engine. Even if the car is just a typical model there are still people who will buy it in order to flip it. This can garner you more profit than just scrapping it.

The important thing is to always know what to look for. Research the metal, the parts, specific aspects of its interior. Anything and everything that may hold secret value. Also research scarp yards near you and compare prices. Aspect of your car may net a finer price than most, and haggling with a scrap yard can yield even more. A simple search for money for junk cars pittsburgh pa will provide you a good starting point of various junk yards who will pay you for your junk car.


The most important thing to have is the title. If you are dealing with a junkyard they will not buy your car unless you can prove you own it. Lack of title can also cause legal problems you do not want to deal with if it is a rare find. Having the title means that you can fully prove the car is yours and can do with it whatever you like. So, put you documents in order before anything else.

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