Three Ways to Care for Your High Mileage Car

When you buy a new car, there are any number of fees associated with the purchase that actually cause the car to immediately lose value the minute you buy it. In other words, if you buy a car from a dealership and make payments, you will generally end up spending several thousand dollars more than the car is worth. There are, however, several ways to bridge this gap between the value of a car and what you pay for it. One of them is to buy a used car and the other is to maintain your car well and continue to drive it once it is paid off. The longer you own a car, the more value you actually gain from it. Here are 3 tips for caring for and maintaining your high mileage car.

Don’t Wait Until You Are on Empty to Fill Your Gas Tank

As cars age, sediment and small debris begins to collect in the bottom of your fuel tank. The lower you allow the gas level in your car to get, the more likely your fuel pump is to pick up this debris. The debris that gathers in the bottom of your tank can clog your fuel filter and cause major problems throughout your whole system. While there are numerous other reasons you shouldn’t drive around with a nearly empty tank of gas, this is particularly true of older or high mileage cars.

Get Your Oil Changed and Fluids Checked Regularly

Over time, older and high mileage vehicles tend to develop small leaks. Generally, this happens because over time rubber seals and gaskets can become hard, dry out and develop small cracks. While these leaks may not be concerning in and of themselves, they can lead to a loss of critical fluids over time. The older your car is, the more frequently you should take it in to get it serviced and have all fluids checked. In addition, you should consider switching to an oil specifically blended for higher mileage cars. These oils are higher in viscosity as well as containing several additives that help to condition older cars and keep hoses, gaskets and seals soft and flexible. This can also help cut down on leaks.

Use an Engine Oil System Rejuvenator

While using an oil specifically blended for higher mileage vehicles is helpful, you soil also consider using an oil system rejuvenator like berryman b60 high mileage oil treatment. An oil system rejuvenator will do many of the same things a high mileage oil will do but will do a more thorough job. Think of it like the difference between using a daily conditioner in your hair, but also occasionally doing a deep conditioning.

Generally, the longer you drive a car, the more value you get out of it. Most cars will run for a few hundred thousand miles with proper care. Treat your older, high mileage car with care and it will take good care of you.

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