Where to Find Good Junk Cars

A junk car is a valuable commodity to individuals dealing in auto parts. Having a junk car is akin to an organ donor. The car may not run but that does not mean all the parts inside do not work. One good junk car can yield a mass of usable automotive parts that cost an arm plus a leg in mainstream auto parts stores. This is why many auto repair companies outsource to junkyards. So they can have access to junk cars. Junk cars yield more than just engine parts. They can be used for doors, seats, interior electronics, windshields, windows, door handles, and seat belts. Pretty much anything can be stripped and reused. So if you are in need of a good junk car here are some prime places to look.


The average junk yard is the best place to find junk cars. All kinds of junk cars are taken to the dump everyday. Some specialize in junk cars. They are called salvage junk yards and they look like an automobile graveyard. They are literal gold mines. You can find pretty much any model of car at a junkyard from Ford, to Chevrolet, Dodge, Nissan, Honda, Toyota and numerous others. Most traditional junkyards let you look for yourself. They just open the gate and you can have at it. In such cases you do not have to purchase the whole junk car, and can strip it of parts right there. Parts gleaned in this way are very cheap. Excellent resource for car restorers as you are on the hunt for unique treasure. Some junkyards do the looking for you and charge a price for what they find. In these cases you will have to purchase the whole car.


The internet actually has websites dedicated to junk cars now. They offer a wide variety of junk cars at very affordable prices. These are not the only places online where consumers can find junk cars. A simple web search will bring up dozens of sources both local and distant. Entering in basic information like buy used junk cars Pittsburgh PA, will start a search right in that location. Searches also can lead to forums where sellers of junk cars can network with people looking for specific parts.

Independent Sellers

Although many independent sellers use the internet to offer information on junk cars. They also put ads in the paper, little signs taped to street lights, or a for sale propped up in the windshield. Often times you might see a junk car just sitting unused in a yard. You can ask the owner if they want to sell it. Independent sellers are a great source as they set the price. If you are lucky you might find real treasure that can be gleaned for free. The owner may just want the eyesore removed with no thought as to the value inside. This may either take a lot of looking, or will happen simply because you stumbled across it.

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