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Pedders Suspension and Brakes are excellent leaders of the undercar and car suspension. They provide you with collections of products that suit your vehicles. It also includes replacing and upgrading the specification of your cars such as the brakes, alignment, suspensions, and shock absorbers.

In replacing your car shock absorbers you can find out more here at if you need some upgrades. Pedders have a variety of components for your vehicles. The car’s shock absorbers have a remarkable impact on the safety of your vehicle.

What are the key features of a range of shock absorbers?

The company has made its credibility of a fine shock valving in handling the ride control. The maximum durability was made of Pedder’s loyalty to their customers. Although it has the specialty of long-life performances. These are the features of shock absorbers such as:

  • The fine-tuning of shock valving is perfect for handling right while on the ride and control.
  • The nitrogen of gas-charged pressure facilitates ride control without disturbing driving.
  • It specializes in longevity performances and sports driving.
  • The shock absorbers have a 2-year/40,000 nationwide warranty.

What’s the role of a shock absorber?

In the Pedders store, you can find it here at shock absorbers. The primary role of these products is repelling the movement to control the car spring motions to the body roll. The purpose of resisting is to flow the oil inside in shock and control the valves. However, it regulates the resistance of oil flow in a very smooth ride.

How does it work?

Every car will extend and compress the shock absorber or also known as ‘stroke’. It works when the piston moves up and down in the shock or known as a ‘ pressure cylinder’ or ‘reservoir’. It provides the oil to pass through the complex valve system to flow in its direction. Thus, the valves are exactly organized to supply a regular resistance to the oil flow. In addition, it generates the speed to allow the oil to pass through once the force is provided.The force will bring out the speed wherein the shock increases and control the flow of oil.

What are the newest products of shock absorbers?

Here are some of the newest replacement of shock absorbers for your vehicle, such as:

  • Pedders Shock Absorber 8237 – a budget-friendly of pedders replacement. The features will provide quality handling and ride.
  • Pedders Extreme XA Coilover Kit 160015 – an award-winning of pedders replacement that offers an exceptional ride and handling. It has the capability of raising or lowering the car that suits your drive.
  • Pedders Sealed Strut 8863R – this replacement strut is the best alternative for cost-effectiveness who are looking to bring back their vehicle to its original ride and handling qualities.

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