5 Signs that You Have a Bad Starter

Starter related problems are common though they still confuse many drivers dealing with car troubles. Let’s find out what signifies a bad starter and how they are different from other problems.

  1. Something Makes Noise 

The clicking sound is one of the most common signs of a bad starter which becomes obvious when you push the start button or turn the key to start the car. The starter can expire without making any noise at all or it may declare its expiration with hissing and crunching sound.

  1. Light on but No Action 

When you are trying to start your car’s engine and only see the dashboard lights on with a broken power-up, it means your vehicle might have a problem with the starter.

  1. Engine Doesn’t Turn on 

If your engine does not turn up even after trying a jump start, it is time to consult with a wayside help. A jumpstart refusing to fire up the engine means your vehicle now needs a certified technician to fix it.

  1. Smoke from The Vehicle 

The starter is a small component of your vehicle’s electrical system. It is subject to short circuits and blustered fuses. When you are desperately trying to start your vehicle, it may cause the starter to overheat leading to electrical problems or smoke. Call for assistance if you smell or see smoke instead of turning the key harder.

  1. Oil Leak 

The starter is found on the driver’s side of your vehicle. If you pop the hood just to find whether or not the starter is saturated in engine oil, the bad starter may be a sign of oil leakage.

Various problems can result in a bad starter or malfunctioning of the starter solenoid. These include dirty connections, oil leakage, battery connections, loose electric wiring to and from the starter as well as worn-out parts in the starter system.

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